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Malaspina Contracting Ltd has expanded to include Home and Yard services.


We have now extended our services to include general repair and maintenance,

for your home and property. 


Let us help you take care of your biggest investment, so you can enjoy it for many years to come. 


We provide our clients with a worry-free maintenance service. You set a maintenance schedule that works for you and we'll be there to take care of things! 

Wether your home is brand new, or it has been here for decades; our team of skilled professionals will take care of all your home and yard needs. From a small job such as a leaky downspout, or even a burnt-out light bulb, to a full foundation repair. We will even upgrade your siding or get your landscaping done. 

Our team is excited to work with you!

Here are just a few of the jobs we can assist with:

  • painting

  • built in storage

  • flooring

  • trim

  • decks

  • siding

  • sheds

  • renos

  • roofing

  • flooring

  • framing

  • installation

  • cleaning

  • painting

  • framing

  • installation

  • moving

  • grass cutting

  • seeding

  • landscaping

  • borders

  • interior/exterio

  • refreshing

  • repairs

Schedule a free consultation today!

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